Welcome to Coy o'Teas

~ Premium Tea, Incense & Gifts ~

Dessert Teas

The ultimate in guilt-free sweet enjoyment!  Add a spoonful of sugarfree sweetener to indulge.  (Or go all-out and heap on the sugar--it's your choice!)  The tea tastes great with either.

Decaf Teas

Enjoy these delicious, full-flavor teas without the buzz of caffeine.  We carry Fruit & Herb teas that will knock your socks off!  We also offer naturally CO2 decaffeinated regular teas.  No chemicals--just full taste.

Spice Teas

We carry several spiced teas and chai blends.  These are perfect when you want a nice mouthful of tingling spice with mellow tea to soften the edges.  It makes for an excellent cup!


Some nice things people have said about Coy o'Teas...
„High-quality teas at reasonable prices, with thoughtful, careful service that can't be beat!”
– Phrynne R.
„So far every product has ranged from good to great ... and prices are reasonable or better ... Their service and communication have been exemplary with every order ... shipping has been fast ... Always a delight to do business with.”
– Gil O.
„The teas have full, rich flavors. I have tried three so far and they are delightful.  Add to that easy ordering and prompt service and you will see why I love this company and their distinctive teas!”
– Laeluna G.

Why Choose Coy o'Teas?

  • Bored with regular teas?  We have unique flavors sure to please.  From delicate, noble drinks like Rose to tongue-tickling favorites like Indian Spiced Chai, we have something to excite you.
  • Concerned about our tea origins?  Don't be! Our supplier is a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership, which focuses on acquiring quality tea from small growers while building quality of life for those tea farmers.
  • Feeling charitable?  10% of our net sales go to environmental causes, both local and international.
  • Think tea is just for winter?  No way!  Our teas can be made into the tastiest iced tea you've ever known.  Just make a strong brew and put it over ice.  Perfect for summer!

Stones & Crystals

We offer a wide range of beautiful tumbled stones and crystals for your enjoyment!  Each comes with a little card explaining its metaphysical properties and uses.


All of our incense sticks and cones are hand-made, on site, when you order!  They are soaked for 24+ hours to create a powerful scent that cannot be denied.  They are also blessed and charged metaphysically.  This is the best incense you have ever tried!


We carry the finest of incense resins: frankincense, myrrh, copal, and more.  We also carry the charcoal and censers you need to burn them!

Coy o'Teas at a Glance

  • Quality: top-grade Ceylon leaf -- no chemicals, no dust, no fillers. Just good, gourmet tea.
  • Great value: 3oz tea = 40 cups brewed (that's 17.4¢ / cup!) Keeps fresh 10 years unopened.
  • Full flavor: loose tea leaf, natural flavors, top brands like Metropolitan.
  • No Guilt: No Calories! You can have your dessert without gaining any weight! Simply brew our tea and use a sugar substitute.
  • Fast Delivery: 98% of packages go out USPS Priority Mail (1-3 day service).
  • Freshness: Our teas are vacuum sealed for freshness, and our incense is hand-made to order!
  • Environment: simple & recycled packaging; special lined bags mean extra-fresh tea and less waste. 10% of profits go to environmental causes!
  • Satisfaction guaranteed! 30 day return policy.

Gift Baskets

We offer gift baskets full of tea and incense, plus multi-packs for a sample of our goods.


We have loads of Nature-themed and Celtic necklaces, plus pentacles and chainmaille (chainmail) jewelry.

Writing Supplies

In our Books & Writing department you can find ink, feather quills, blank journals, Book of Shadows, and our very popular handmade parchment paper.

Why Coy o'Teas is Best!

  • Coy o'Teas sells the best tea and gifts to be found. We specialize in gourmet dessert tea and exotic tea, as well as premium incense, jewelry, and tumbled stones.
  • You can buy 3 ounce, heat-sealed packages of loose leaf tea or wholesale 1.1 pound (500g) bags at a discount.
  • Can't find what you want? We'll even special order it for you! 
  • Metaphysical bonus: all goods are kept clean and protected from negative energies while waiting to be sold.  Most items are smudged with sage and stored with salt.  Some items are also blessed and/or given Reiki healing energy.  So you receive a totally "clean," high-quality item.
  • We provide top-grade loose tea, incense, and tumbled stones 20-60% below retail cost.
  • Guaranteed fresh, premium, made to order!