20% OFF Intro Sale: Sea Shells & Sand

20% OFF Intro Sale: Sea Shells & Sand
Lion's Paw Shell - incense burner

New Products for Burning Incense

How to Use: Place 1 ounce of sand (either white or rainbow) into the bottom of the shell to protect the surface from burns, heat, and stains. The 1 ounce package is plenty, but you might want to buy 2 in case you have a large incense burner or shell. Works in shells, censers, and screen burners.

~Sand & Sea Shells 20% OFF – ends 29 Mar 2021~

-> Oblong Shells – $3.99/ea

-> Lion’s Paw Shells – $6.39/ea

-> White Sand, 1 oz. – $0.79/oz

-> Rainbow Sand, 1oz. – $0.79/oz

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