How to Brew a Milk Chai

How to Brew a Milk Chai
Indian Spiced Chai

How to Brew a Milk Chai–a.k.a. “chai latte”

(This is the traditional way… with a modern twist!)

“Chai” is spiced tea, a traditional drink in India which has made its way around the world.  Chai is usually a blend of black tea and pungent spices.  In recent years, however, chai has evolved.  It now comes in many different varieties, including with a base of green tea, white tea, or even rooibos.  The spices vary, as well.

For our chai today, we will be using Coy o’Teas’ Indian Spiced Chai, a tasteful, balanced blend of deep spice with high notes of lemongrass.

This technique uses two mugs, a microwave, and a filter for the tea.


Follow these instructions carefully! Be especially aware of hot milk!

  1. Fill the first mug with fresh, cold milk.
  2. Measure out some Indian Spiced Chai and place it into your first mug with the milk.  Stir to mix it up.
  3. Put your first cup (the one with tea and milk in it) into the microwave.  Heat it for 2 minutes.  (Note: You do -not- want the milk to boil, as that tends to spoil the taste.)
  4. Once the microwave finishes, let the chai tea steep in the milk for 2-3 more minutes (more or less, depending on how strong you want the chai-brew).
  5. While the chai steeps, place a tea strainer over the second, empty mug.
  6. Once the chai has steeped enough, carefully take the first cup (now full of brewed chai and chai spices) out of the microwave.
  7. Pour the brewed chai over the filter, into the second mug.  Make sure all the tea leaves get trapped in the filter.  (I do this with a paper towel nearby, because I always spill.)
  8. Add LOTS of sweetener to the second mug.  That’s traditional!

Congratulations! You now have a nice cup of traditional milk chai!


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