How to Make a Cup of Tea: Method #3 – the Keurig

How to Make a Cup of Tea: Method #3 – the Keurig
Keuring Coffee Machine

A Great Quick Cup of Loose Tea

(Method #3 – The Keurig)

A great cup of tea starts with a great cup of water.  We will not be doing that here, though, this is the quick cup of tea.  This technique uses two mugs, a Keurig machine, and a filter for the tea.


Follow these instructions carefully! Be especially aware of hot water!

  1. Fill your Keurig (a.k.a. K-Cup) machine with cold, fresh water.
  2. Measure out some good loose tea and place it into your first mug.
  3. Put your first cup (the one with tea in it) under the water-spout of the Keurig.  (You know, where the brewed coffee normally comes out.)
  4. Open the Keurig to make sure there is no coffee pod inside it.  Then close it, and make it start a cycle for a medium or large cup of coffee, depending on the size of your first mug.  (That’s right, we are running the machine empty so that it is pouring hot water into the cup with tea leaves in it.)
  5. Once the cycle finishes, we need only to steep the tea a minute or so more.
  6. While the tea steeps, place a tea strainer over the second, empty cup.
  7. Once the tea has steeped enough, carefully take the first cup (now full of brewed tea and tea leaves) from the Keurig machine.
  8. Pour the brewed tea over the filter, into the second mug.  Make sure all the tea leaves get trapped in the filter.  (I do this with a paper towel nearby, because I always spill.)
  9. Add sweeteners / lemon / milk / cream / etc. to the second mug.

Congratulations! You now have a big mug of quick-brewed tea!

(See also: Method #1Method #2)

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