How To Make a Great Cup of Tea: Method #1 – The Tea Ball

How To Make a Great Cup of Tea: Method #1 – The Tea Ball
Tea Ball from Coy o'Teas

A Great Cup of Loose Tea

(Method #1 – The Tea Ball)

A great cup of tea starts with a great cup of water. Cool, filtered or spring water is the best for starters. This technique uses a tea-ball for the tea.


Follow these instructions carefully! Be especially aware of hot water!

  1. Heat your water on the stove. You want lots of oxygen in it so boil it old-style, in a kettle on the stove. A microwave just does not do the job.
  2. Place loose tea into a tea ball or a tea bag. (Measure it out according to how much you like, by experience, or use our tea measuring spoon to be exact.)
  3. Heat the water until it is almost-not-quite boiling. Then pour it into your cup.
  4. Place your tea-ball (with the tea inside it) into the hot water. Here is a guide for how long to let it steep, depending on what type of tea it is:
    ◦ Black Tea – 1-4 minutes
    Green Tea – 3 min. (with water not quite as hot)
    ◦ Darjeeling – 2-3 min.
    ◦ Herb & Fruit Blends – 5-7 min.
  5. When your tea has steeped, remove the tea-ball. (Do not reuse the tea; it will be very disappointing in flavor.)
  6. Drink your tea as-is, or add your choice of sweeteners/ milk/ cream/ lemon/ what-have-you.

(See also: Method #2, Method #3)

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