How To Make a Great Cup of Tea: Method #2 – The Filter

How To Make a Great Cup of Tea: Method #2 – The Filter
Tea Strainer from Coyoteas

A Great Cup of Loose Tea

(Method #2 – The Filter)

As with Method #1, start with a great cup of water. Cool, filtered or spring water is the best. The more oxygen (bubbles) it has in it, the better. Oxygen helps carry the taste to our taste buds!

This method uses a strainer and two cups.


Follow these instructions carefully! Be especially aware of hot water!

  1. Place your measured loose tea into the first cup.
  2. Heat your water until it is almost boiling.
  3. Meanwhile, place a tea-strainer on top of the second cup.
  4. When your water is hot enough, pour it into the first cup (the one with the loose tea inside).
  5. Steep your tea for as many minutes as recommended:
    ◦ Black Tea – 1-4 minutes
    ◦ Green Tea – 3 min. (with water not quite as hot)
    ◦ Darjeeling – 2-3 min.
    ◦ Herb & Fruit Blends – 5-7 min.
  6. When your tea is done steeping, very carefully pour the hot, infused tea through the strainer into the second, empty cup.  (Use caution, this liquid will be very hot!)
  7. The strainer will capture the tea leaves, letting pure, brewed tea pass into the cup.
  8. Take your tea plain, or add sweeteners/ creamer/ lemon/ what-have-you.
  9. Sip it slowly!

Enjoy!  (See also: Method #1, Method #3)

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