How To Use Resin Incense

How To Use Resin Incense
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Resins are hardened sap from special trees. Examples include frankincense, myrrh, copal, benzoin, and dragon’s blood. Burning a resin evokes fragrant smoke, which is used in many cultures to sanctify and bless areas, summon helpful entities or spirits, give tribute and thanks, bring protection from Dark entities, and so on.

Breathing in resin smoke also has physical effects–for example, frankincense helps with breathing, relaxation, and achieving a meditative state. So you see, burning resin has many benefits. Here’s how to do it properly and safely.

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You Will Need:

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  1. Using tongs in one hand, clasp the charcoal so it is held securely.
  2. Using your other hand, hold a lit match or lighter to the edge of the charcoal until it sparks. It will begin to turn red along that side.
  3. Put down the lighter or snuff the match safely. Blow on the charcoal to encourage the redness to spread.
  4. Still using the tongs, place the lit charcoal into the charcoal burner.
  5. Gather a small handful of resin. Sprinkle resin on top of the charcoal.
  6. Stand back and let the charcoal heat and melt the resin. The fragrance should start to rise as a thin, gray smoke. It should burn to 15-20 minutes, at which point you may add more resin.

Important: never leave burning charcoal unattended! If you must leave before the charcoal has burned all the way, use hot-mitts/oven gloves to pick up the entire charcoal burner. Place it in the sink and run water over it, so that the charcoal is extinguished!

Safety Note: burning charcoal creates carbon monoxide. For your health, please leave a window slightly open to let in fresh air while the charcoal is burning. One small disk does not create a huge amount of monoxide, but you can never be too cautious with fire.

Be Careful and Enjoy!

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