Introducing… “Sleepy Fox”™ (15% Off!)

Introducing… “Sleepy Fox”™ (15% Off!)
Sleeping Fox

Introducing a new line of tea… Coy o’Teas™ Brand! Our first release is “Sleepy Fox”™! This 100% natural herbal blend is caffeine-free and sure to soothe your nerves. It brings about a heaviness of the mind and body, quieting the inward “chatter” and allowing relaxation to seep in. Perfect to overcome occasional sleeplessness or panic. (Please note: neither these statements, nor our tea, have been evaluated by the FDA. Please consult a doctor for serious medical issues.)

Caution! This is a serious brew, inspired by decades of herbal study. Heed the warnings or you may be seriously injured: Do not operate machinery after you have drunk this tea! Do not take this tea with painkillers, sedatives, or sleep-aids!

Now the fun stuff!

Introductory Sale – “Sleepy Fox”™ is 15% Off! Now through March 6, 2021. Link:

Introducing Sleepy Fox herbal tisane
“Coy o’Teas Presents… Sleepy Fox tea!”

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