Welcome everyone to the new Coy o’Teas Blog.  My name is A. M. Coy, and I am the founder of Coy o’Teas.

First, some introductions are in order.  I am a middle-aged, physically disabled American living outside Williamsburg, Virginia.  My background is in writing and metaphysics, as well as small business.  I am ordained, and hold a Ph.D. in Religion as well as a Doctorate of Divinity.  I walk a path of Light, and strive to spread it as far as I can.

This blog will be full of “How To” information, including ways to use our products (both practical and metaphysical), plus advertisements for our sales here at Coy o’Teas.  Please come back often, because I intend to post frequently. (To view the RSS feed, click HERE.)

Now, a little more about me: I have been practicing metaphysics for as long as I have been in this world.  I was raised in an open-minded, New Age home, so growing up I was familiar with auras and chakras, energy healing and seances, and so on.

Later on I expanded my knowledge: herbalism, divination, white magick, Kabalah, good old “kitchen witchery,” even Solometric, Enochian, and Golden Dawn studies.  But my one true Path lies with the Archangels.  It has been 20 years, now, since I started down my true Path.  It is the way I live, today.

I have incorporated my teachings into Coy o’Teas.  If you peek into the “Uses” tab for most of the products (particularly the teas, stones, and incense), you will find unusual ways to use them.  That is my knowledge, put there to guide you with ideas.

If you feel uncomfortable with those ideas, please, feel free to ignore them.  The products are 100% useful without them.

I did not put the uses there to annoy anyone or make people uncomfortable.  I put them there to inspire and help anyone seeking guidance.

So please, enjoy our teas, incense, and other goods.  Every penny helps me survive on my own, and as a bonus you get excellent products! 🙂

©2021 A. M. Coy – All Rights Reserved.
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