Store Update: “Checkout As Guest”

Store Update: “Checkout As Guest”
Coyoteas Login Page

One of the most-requested features for our online store at has been “Guest Checkout”–a system where users need not log in to make a purchase. (I personally don’t see the point, because you still have to enter your name, email address, and physical address in order to have the products shipped to you, lol.)

Well, after nearly a month of work, plus a ton of code Frankenstein-ing, we have managed to create a system that works. When you go to checkout, the site offers you a “login” page with three options: existing customers can 1.) log in, or new customers can either 2.) create an account or 3.) checkout as a guest.

We would sincerely appreciate feedback on this system. During testing we did receive some “too many redirects” errors, which we cleaned up as best we could. If anyone out there gets the error, please do tell us. Thank you.

We also updated the checkout page itself. Before, there were four steps in the checkout process. We crammed some code together and snipped that in half. We think the final effect is a cleaner, more streamlined effect! Please tell us what you think. We love to hear from our customers!

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