The Magick of Jellybeans

The Magick of Jellybeans
The Magick of Jellybeans

There is magick in jellybeans. Well, I call it “magick” as a neat term, but to be specific it’s actually aromatherapy, which you can blend with meditation and metaphysical envisioning to evoke a certain effect.

Let me explain: aromatherapy is when certain chemicals in natural oils or scents trigger responses in the brain, through the olfactory nerve in the nose (which is connected to the brain). These responses can be anything from joy to calm or even arousal!

No, I’m not making this up: aromatherapy is a proven thing. Even modern scientists agree that some scents can affect the brain, chemically. And, if you are using jellybeans with natural fruit juices (for example Starburst), you can enjoy little bits of aromatherapy with every bite.

Now, when you combine that aromatherapy with focused meditation, you can start crafting your own, private spellwork. You can call it silly, if you wish, but it will work if you do it right.

Below is a list of what the different jellybean flavors do. While chewing on each flavor, close your eyes and concentrate on each suggested idea. Say it out loud, picture it happening to you, and keep that fixed in your mind.

(This is very simple magick, mind you. But, as you may know, intent is the root of all magick and metaphysics, so your mind is what makes this happen. Your mind gets a boost from the tools–in this case, the jellybeans–you are using.)

  • Lemon – raises mood and relieves stress. Meditate/focus on the idea of being stress-free and happy. As you do, surround yourself in your mind with a bright yellow light.
  • Lime – also raises the mood, plus increases energy. Meditate/focus on being energetic (not strung-out-on-coffee energetic, but full of natural energy) and happy. As you do, surround yourself in a soft green light.
  • Cherry – brings happiness and a slight aphrodisiac quality (i.e., it makes you aroused). Meditate on filling yourself with happiness. (And yes maybe that part of you can be happy, too!) As you do, surround yourself with a deep pink light.
  • Orange – another stress-reliever, it is used against stress and anxiety. Meditate on the concept of being calm. As you do, surround yourself in a very soft, gentle blue light.
Fruit bowl
Fruit Bowl

So you see, making your own spells (or meditations) is not that hard. You just have to know the meanings behind the tools you are using.

… Now, go brush your teeth! 😛

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