Valentine’s Sale: 15% OFF All “Candy” Tea

Valentine’s Sale! It’s Valentine’s Day, therefore it’s time to give your loved one CANDY! Don’t fret, if they are minding their diet–our tea is all 100% guilt free! No sugar, no calories, no problem! 🙂

As many of you may know, we at specialize in dessert flavored teas. Naturally that means we carry many “Candy” tea flavors! The following flavors are on sale now through February 14, 2022…

Remember, these are top quality, loose teas. All our flavors are 100% natural! So there are no artificial flavor-tinges or weird, off-putting tastes. We carry only the best. So insist on

As a bonus, our teas are lovely. We blend in petals, so our teas have eye- as well as taste-bud-appeal! Therefore, they make wonderful Valentine’s Day gifts!

The “medium” (3 oz) size, which is 15% off in our Valentine’s Sale, comes in a heat-sealed, vacuum-packed bag with a plastic “window” in front. Through the window, you are able to view the tea inside the bag. Bags are shelf-stable for up to 5 years unopened.

15% OFF all “Candy” flavored tea!

See our Specials Page to view what’s on currently On Sale, any time of year!

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